Thank you so much for your participation and interest in the Asian American Solidarity Economies Webinar Series! We are very grateful to our partners, the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and National CAPACD for their support of this project and webinar series. And of course, to our wonderful speakers: Emily Kawano of the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network and Julia Ho of Solidarity Economy St. Louis.

Please fill out our brief survey to help us as we try to make more projects like this and tools to directly benefit Asian migrant communities to connect to and build solidarity economies projects. These 5 minutes of your time will really help us.


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1. Link to video of the “Introducing Solidarity Economy” webinar

2. Link to Emily Kawano’s Prezi on Solidarity Economy

3. RIPESS website

4. Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO Collective) website for Solidarity Econ stories

5. CommonBound 2018 (June 22 – 24, 2018) a massive gathering of new / solidarity economy practitioners that will be in St. Louis this year, hosted by the New Economy Coalition and Solidarity Economy St. Louis. We may caucus the Asian American Solidarity Economies Network there. Sliding scale registration available.

Mutual Support

Also, an important component of how we practice solidarity economics is to value all labor and work while also recognizing that monetary compensation is not the only way we can value things. That said, while we live (and resist!) within the confines of this current system, democratic, grassroots support is a necessary part of our self-determination strategy.

The Asian American Solidarity Economies Project provides a very modest, token stipend to each speaker in the webinar series. If you received value from this webinar, please support the work of the people and groups involved and donate what you can. If you remember, please make a note that this is connected to the “3/19 AASE webinar”. Thank you for anything you can do to keep these movements moving!

Donate United States Solidarity Economies Network (USSEN)

Donate Solidarity Economy St. Louis

Donate Asian American Solidarity Economies Project* / Solidarity Research Center

*(all donations to AASE will be used for community education materials such as zines and toolkits, as well as translation and local, transcultural adaptation).

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