Los Angeles for All panel scheduled on Saturday, 8/12/23 from 1:55 to 3:10 PM (75 minutes) in Classroom 1of Art Share LA, 801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Los Angeles for All (a project of Solidarity Research Center) will host a panel at the 8th Los Angeles Anarchist Book Fair on our attempts to build a powerful movement for direct and economic democracy in Los Angeles. We have been experimenting in the past two years with the theory and practice of radical municipalism.

Panel will include speakers from Los Angeles for All, Los Angeles Rising Study Group, Los Angeles People’s Movement Assembly, and Cooperation Jackson.

We will share what we’ve learned about municipalism, our attempts to build a decentralized network of autonomous social movements in Los Angeles, and our next steps in building beyond the left. Since October 2022, we have been facilitating a Los Angeles People’s Movement Assembly, first starting in the eastside and then expanding to the scale of the city.

We will also share what we’ve learned from our friends at Cooperative Jackson, in terms of the relationship of vision, strategy, and tactics. We have been studying the new book Jackson Rising Redux for the past few months together, and will share our concluding thoughts on what lessons we can draw for Los Angeles.

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