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We are the Research Justice Collective, organizing the Research Justice Track of the 20th Annual Allied Media Conference (AMC). The AMC is is a media-based organizing conference that will bring together folks from all over the world to Detroit, Michigan to strategize, learn, and create community through media on June 14-17, 2018.
The Research Justice Track is back to AMC (after a brief hiatus) and will focus on sharing skills and tools for utilizing grassroots-led research and data in order to reveal untold stories, challenge dominant narratives, and expose social injustice to make the case for change. Research justice honors the expertise of communities most impacted and supports their organizing and movement building, pursuing the production of knowledge through a popular education framework. Our definition of “data” is broad and includes our experiences, traditions, stories, and community knowledge, as well as the many ways we communicate our data, such as maps, reports and studies. We will examine success stories of radical research as a tool for change and liberation, while continuing to grow a national research justice network.


  • Continue building the mission, vision and skills for grassroots use of research and data to tell untold stories;
  • To challenge dominant narratives; produce evidence of social injustice and make the case for change;
  • Foreground the expertise, knowledge and action of communities most impacted by injustice;
  • Honor multiple systems of knowledge and value community expertise;
  • Support organizing and movement building;
  • Develop and sustain a national network of radical researchers;
  • Connect diverse groups at the conference and beyond with common research strategies, agendas and potential for collaboration;
  • Demonstrate accessible and engaging tools, methods, and models for movement research; and
  • Share success stories of radical research and reflections on challenges and lessons learned.


Research Justice Webinar
Research Justice Toolkit
Research Justice Curriculum


We want to make the conference as accessible as possible for our amazing speakers, organizers, and community. We will have 8-10 sessions that will cover hands on workshops, skillshares, strategy, history, movement based research, and so much more. Our folks will need support to cover their flight, ground transportation, housing and session supplies during the week of the conference.

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