We are convening an network of Asian American solidarity economy practitioners. We believe that the Asian American experience is historically and culturally particular, making the framework and practice of cooperation in the workplace, household, and community distinct.

Our goals are to cultivate ideas, tools, and resources so Asian American communities can self-determine a new economy that is radically inclusive, just, sustainable, and democratic.

The objectives are three-fold:

  • To develop a framework for the theory and practice of solidarity economies in Asian American communities.
  • To create a participatory toolkit on the multifacets of solidarity economies, targeted to and translated for Asian American communities.
  • To develop a peer network of Asian American solidarity economy practitioners that will, on the one hand, make visible experiments emerging in communities across the nation, and, on the other, provide translocal support for projects.
The inaugural coop developer techical assistance cohort (June-December 2016) included:

NEW: Please see our new 2018 Webinar series on Asian American Solidarity Economies

Yvonne Yen Liu, Solidarity Research Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Parag Rajendra Khandhar, Gilmore Khandhar, LLC (Baltimore, MD)
Please email us to be added to the list serv for Asian American Solidarity Economies practitioners.
Advisory Council:
  • Shane Bernardo, foodashealing.com (Detroit, MI)
  • Sushil Jacob, Esq (Bay Area, CA)
  • Julia Ho, Solidarity Economy St Louis (St Louis, MO)
  • Emily Kawano, US Solidarity Economy Network (Springfield, MA)
  • Yuki Kidokoro, Our Power campaign (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Joann Lo, Food Chain Workers Alliance (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Ro McIntyre, Red Emma’s Bookshop and Coffeehouse (Baltimore, MD)
  • Shiva Patel, Energy Solidarity Cooperative (Bay Area, CA)
  • Alex Saingchin, Common Counsel (Bay Area, CA)
  • Aaron Tanaka, Center for Economic Democracy (Boston, MA)
  • Jasmine Vasandani (New York, NY)
  • Saba Waheed, UCLA Labor Center (Los Angeles, CA)