Futures Game: What is the Conjuncture?

The Futures Game is a tool for Gramscian conjunctural analysis. The game uses future climate scenarios created by the Monitor Institute at Deloitte. Each group receives a future scenario, which they construct a timeline around. Their task is to think through the task of the social movement at particular historical moment, based on the future scenario. Each player acts out a role within the historical moment, which is a playful icebreaker and exercise in inhabiting another’s subjectivity.

The game can be adapted for different social movements. You can create alternate future scenarios to use, based on climate, ecological, or political crises. The question in step four can be changed to fit the particular social movement conducting the analysis.

The Futures Game was created by Yvonne Yen Liu for a US Solidarity Economy Network board retreat in October 2023. It is an adaptation of political strategy games created by Keir Milburn of Red Plenty Games.