Building Power in Place is an introduction to the theory and praxis of movements we describe as radical municipalist. The toolkit will share practical tips to apply municipalist strategy to your local organizing context. And, it will include key takeaways, lessons learned, and case studies to inspire and support municipalist projects.

The municipalist movement is still emergent in North America. In September 2023, the Municipalism Learning Series launched the Municipalism Cohort Fellowship, a 12-week online program that sought to broaden and deepen experiments. This fellowship presented radical municipalism to grassroots organizers working to reclaim governance in their cities. The fellowship provided an incubator for critical reflection, applied research, and the exchange of translocal tactics. Drawing on the fellowship’s curriculum, we designed this toolkit to be an accessible guide to municipalist organizing for you, your comrades, and a wider audience of organizers.

The editorial team that produced the toolkit will introduce it to a target audience of grassroots organizers on July 6th 2024. A panel geared towards a broader audience will be scheduled on September 17th (the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street).​