Photo by Jessica Ruvalcaba

In this new study published in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, SRC researcher Dani Knoll examines the ritualistic behavior of participants in the intentional community where they live, the Los Angeles Ecovillage, and how that relates to well-being in a collective sense.

Studying the ritualistic behavior within the Los Angeles Ecovillage can offer insight into areas that have been perhaps less explored, as in ritual’s relationship to well-being in intentional communities, particularly in the urban context of this community. Furthermore, although it is a factor, psychological well-being in this context is not limited to an individual’s self-reported quality of mental and physical health—it arguably extends to a collective expression of well-being.

In describing social alternative approaches to health and well-being related problems posed by societal barriers to human connection, a paradigm may be formed for how intentional community can support psychological needs.

Knoll, D. X. (2024). “Re-Inventing How We Live in the City”: Well-being and the Los Angeles Ecovillage. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 0(0).

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